Taylor Swift And Celeb Jihad Team Up to Stop Depictions of Female Nudity

Taylor Swift Celeb Jihad

The biggest and most important news story in the Western world over the last week is without a doubt billionaire pop star Taylor Swift becoming offended and “furious” that AI-generated cartoons depicting her in red body-paint while twerking her ass around pot-bellied Kansas City Chief football fans went viral on social media.

Of course some in the Zionist mainstream media falsely and slanderously attributed the origin of these photos to this holy Islamic website, when with just an ounce of research they could have found out that they were created by degenerates on online forms and had already been widely shared throughout the Internet well before we posted about them.

Regardless the inaccuracies of the reporting the silver-lining is that it has brought together two of the world’s most powerful faiths, Islam and the Swifties to join together and call for an end to all depictions of female nudity and sexuality.

Leonardo da Vinci

Yes, this problem has been plaguing humanity for far too long and it is about time infidels in the West joined the fight against it. For although AI-generated depravity is the newest thing, DeepFake porn of Taylor Swift has been around for over 7 years now, and before that Photoshop generated filth of Taylor and other celebrities has been flooding the Internet since the late 1990’s… And the problem of nonconsensual smut is even bigger than that! For as we can see from the Renaissance painting below of Mary Magdalene nude by Leonardo da Vinci, famous females’ propriety has been getting violated for centuries!

Mary Magdalene Leonardo da Vinci

Clearly international laws must be put in place which calls for the swift execution of anyone creating these sorts of works, and any form of media depicting a woman nude or in a sexual situation must be destroyed!

Caveman nudes

And that also includes caveman drawings of women being mounted from behind, as the subjects in question almost certainly did not consent to be depicted in such a manner.

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